Feeling Radical

Feeling Radical

I woke up this morning wanting to do something RADICAL.  You know, like going to work naked, or eating a bowl of Weet-Bix.  In the end, the bowl of Weet-Bix won*.  Bring it on!

Thus fortified, let me tell you about some new arrivals in our store.

Firstly, you may remember me telling you a little about my new pH Balance product.  That was in December… Now, four months later, the stock is here AT LAST.  The dozen or so units I had available in December sold out in a matter of hours.  I have a little bit more in stock this time round, and now professionally manufactured.  This product is also available at select Clicks stores (though don’t ask me which ones, Clicks remains a mystery to me).  Our prices are better than theirs, though, and we also offer 5% discount on orders of 7 to 12 units and 10% off on orders of 13 or more units.

In a nutshell, the pH Balance product took me three years to perfect.  It works astonishingly well in gout (which it basically cures after two months of use), but also in any other disease state that increases the body’s acidity.  That basically means (1) any condition linked with chronic inflammation (e.g., arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome) or (2) any condition linked to muscle damage (e.g., cancer, diabetes, weight loss).  Coping with acid takes a lot of energy from the body. This leaves you feeling listless and tired.  The pH Balance product excretes acid via the urine, enabling the body to use its energy for better things, like healing.  You’ll be surprised by all your energy after even the first tablet of pH Balance.  Come to think of it, maybe that’s why I’m feeling a bit radical this morning Excuse me while I take off my shirt…

If you’re wondering how this product compares to “that other doctor’s base powder”, then the short answer is: This one knocks the socks off “that one”.  No comparison.  This one delivers what “that one” promises.

pH Balance is sold under the Vita-Aid brand and is available in bottles of 60 and 90 tablets.  You need 2 to 3 tablets daily to get the best effect.  You can buy it from our store by following the links below:

http://www.integrow.co.za/phbalance60/  or

At the same time, and under the same Vita-Aid brand, I am launching Cardio Support and Sugar Balance.  Cardio Support is a novel mix of pH Balance ingredients and cancer bust (Sutherlandia species) that decreases cholesterol, reduces plaque formation and increases the strength of the heart muscle.  While it does NOT decrease blood pressure (you can’t have it all!!), it dramatically increases cardiac function.  You can buy it here:


Sugar Balance is specifically designed for type II diabetics.  It stabilises blood sugar levels and reverses some of the damage of high blood sugar levels.  You can find it here:


And then, by popular demand…  Miracle mud.

I just managed to make another batch of MiraClay, also known as “miracle mud”.  It is made from clay I get from the magical Cedarberg mountains (which I will be visiting again this coming long weekend – yippee!).  The effect of this “mud” on wound healing is mind-boggling (as the name indicates).  It heals most new wounds in a matter of a day, or two days at most.  Chronic wounds take a bit longer, but the effect is still dramatic.  Insect bites and stings are relieved in two or three minutes.  If you put it on immediately after a burn (even a pretty severe burn), the area heals in hours, with no blistering.  It is available in pots of 10 ml (ideal for mommy’s hand bag!), 20 ml (for the bathroom cupboard) and 50 ml (for the whole family).  Stock is limited, so don’t snooze, or you might lose.  You can order here:


Note 1:  if the store accepts your order, then we have stock. Once stock runs out, the store will tell you so.

Note 2:  For best results on open wounds, (1) clean the wound, (2) apply the clay and then (3) cover with a plaster for 24 to 48 hours.

I’m working on even more interesting products, like a remarkable sport’s nutrition supplement and a natural “rescue remedy” (calming spray), to name but two.  Once these are ready to sell, I will let you know.

All these products were first tested on unsuspecting family members and are considered safe.  No animal experimentation!

Have a RADICAL day!

(Doc) Frank

* No actual bricks of Weet-Bix where harmed in the production of this totally organic email.


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