Some news

Some news

It’s been a long time since I last updated you on our family’s adventures.  This email, however, is not intended as an update on our activities, but rather to alert you that my father has been taken seriously ill.  Currently, he is being treated at the Lung Institute in Cape Town, where my mother and sister (Ischen) are assisting in his care. The rest of us are in George, hoping to welcome him home soon.

It would appear as though he is suffering from an aggressive form of lung cancer that has already damaged a large section of his right lung.  Over the past week, his condition has deteriorated rapidly.  He is currently undergoing tests to determine the type of cancer in an effort to outline a treatment protocol.

My father made many, many friends in his life.  As a result, many people are keen to hear what is going on. In order to keep everyone updated and to avoid overburdened family members from being interrupted by phone calls and emails, I have set up a public Facebook page here:

This page is public, which means you can view it even if you do not have a Facebook account.  To comment on it, you would however need a Facebook account.  Feel free to leave messages here.

If you only wish to be updated occasionally, via email, please click here and complete the form.

Your prayers are much appreciated.  My father (and the rest of us) are at peace that our Lord is in charge, even at this time of distress.

Warm regards

Frank on behalf of Otto, Gundel and the family.

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