Winter is here!

Winter is here!

Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed that the sun rises later and the mornings are colder.  At least, that is, if you’re living in South Africa.  If you’re in the northern hemisphere, you may need to consult a dictionary to find out what the word “sun” really means…

Somehow, winter cold puts the immune system to sleep while the rest of the body suffers the sniffy after-effects.  A sort of half-hearted hibernation that leaves you feeling whoozy all winter long.  I happen to have some muthi* in store that might just help you through this winter with a SPRING in your step.  Read on – here are some of my suggestions:


OK, so I ran out of ideas for a good name for a good cough remedy.  “Koff-off” was the best I could come up with.  This home-made herbal cough remedy loosens your phlegm (a polite medical word for the green goo in your throat) and then, within a day (or two at most), the cough is gone and you have to get back to work (so don’t drink it before Thursdays!).  I’ve been testing various versions of Koff-Off for about a decade now and I think this one is the best one ever!  I would love your feedback on it, too.

The active ingredients (all listed on the website) combine to whack your immune system into shape and whack the germs out of shape.

One bottle of 100 ml is enough for two full 5 day adult treatment courses (treat for 5 days to make sure those germs are well and truly gone).  You can (pre-order) stock here (by hugely popular demand, I am making a couple of dozen bottles this winter and they will be ready by early June. Best you order now):


This syrup tastes like mint and contains Sutherlandia.  Unlike Koff-Off, which is intended to TREAT coughs and colds, this syrup is meant to be taken thrice daily to PREVENT the immune system from weakening.  It contains various other powerful herbs, too, and is a great general tonic.  One 500 ml bottle is enough for one child (or half an adult) for most of the winter.

You can read more about it here:


If syrups aren’t your cup of herbal tea, then you might want to consider our tablet version of Sutherlandia.  Sutherlandia is also known as “cancer bush” and is a potent immune booster in many chronic conditions.  It helps to PREVENT coughs and colds, as well as to RECOVER from them.  This product is a popular immune booster amongst people with chronic diseases, such as cancer and diabetes.  Cancer bush is an old Boereraat (Afrikaner folk remedy) for a wide variety of infections and – as the name indicates – is also regarded as useful in cancer (I happen to agree).

You can read more here:


“Phaphama” is an isiZulu word that means “awaken yourself”.  This thick brown syrup has a citrus flavour and contains eucalyptus extract and vitamins.  The bluegum extract is a potent anti-oxidant with impressive immune boosting properties.  The vitamins complement this action nicely.  Specifically designed for the traditional African market, it is an acquired taste but is used by thousands of South Africans to PREVENT attacks on the immune system.

You can read more here:


We have only 8 packs of our famous Spirulina 1000 bulk packs left.  The farm in Franschhoek from where I source it, has temporarily halted production, so I’m not sure when next we’ll get more stock.  In essence, 6 tablets a day (adult dose, children need 3 a day) contains all the supplements you need EXCEPT for vitamin C (which you have to supplement separately).  Our tablets are pure compressed spirulina, no binding agents.  What you see is what you get.  So, save on our fantastic price – it works out to something absurd like R2 a day for adults.  All the vitamins, amino acids, omega oils and minerals you need are in here – in a perfectly organic matrix for easy absorption.

You can read more here:

Lastly, but not leastly… due to all sorts of pressures (my children would like to wear shoes to school this winter, for example), we are forced to increase the prices of nearly all of our goods as from Monday, the 3rd of June.  In particular, electrodes will shoot up in price, so stock up now if you need to replace any.  We are still looking at ways to ease the price hike, but accept my apologies in advance that a price hike is inevitable.  You have a week to avoid the pain!

Have a sniffle-free winter!

(Doc) Frank

CEO: Integrow Health (Pty) Ltd – Online wellness made easy

* Muthi [n]: Collective noun derived from isiZulu to describe all versions of African traditional remedies, including magical treatments.  Mainly used in a derogatory sense, implying quackery, but in the hands of Doc Frank, “muthi” refers to home remedies tested on long-suffering (or sometimes unsuspecting) family members. Proven in relatives, trusted by friends.

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